Thursday, 2 February 2012

Snowshoeing in Switzerland

This whole month I have been looking forward to one event: Snow shoeing in the Jura! I mean, how exciting? Being an Australian means we get hardly any snow, and the little snow we do get is truly and utterly, let's face it, pathetic.

Why shouldn't I be excited?

Anything to do with snow is cool!

Mont Blanc in Summer

We walked for maybe four hours straight.

It was great, and so tiring. When I came back to our apartment I think I ate all of the (smelly, repulsive) Swiss cheese that farted in our fridge, about three tons of pasta and chocolate; the three things that are in great abundance here.

All of my friends hated the snow shoeing excursion, so I pretended to groan and grumble about how my feet hurt, but I just wanted to yell (or yodel?), "I love this cute little country!" 

I know. Snow shoeing? Trust me, it's hard going up hills, and it gets really, extremely hot in thermal underwear and big fat ski jackets. 

I just realised that I made it sound not fun at all. Well, it's really nice, ok? 

My parents took me again the next day, as part of a "Geneva is great" activity that the local welcome centre provides, snow shoeing, with promises of fondue afterwards. 
I'm pretty sure Mum wanted to go simply for the melted cheese.

We got on the bus at precisely 12:45 (due to the Swiss being extremely organised, smart people) and then I discovered that my parents had taken me to the exact same place as where I went snow shoeing the day before... 

It was beautiful. We crunched our way past snowy hills and Christmas trees covered in icing sugar. So fun, so relaxing.

Fondue is really, really good stuff! Other Swiss food, not so much...

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  1. I was surprised at how NOISY going snow shoeing is - we sounded like a marching army and considering that we also had beanies on, it was nearly impossible to hold a conversation!