Monday, 13 February 2012

Canned meat mints

This week has been really tiring, and everyone has been basically enduring it, so my friends and I go to the local shopping centre each month to eat McDonald's (the only thing we can afford here in Geneva) and browse through cheap rings at "I am"- my current favourite store- and imagine we have enough money to shop at Vogele and windowshop at Zara.

When Alice has bought her skirts, Kala and I go to the candy store, Lollipop. Amongst "Radioactive Gunk: Sour apple toothpaste" and "Hello Kitty Pastilles", I find "Spam Mints".

I'd much prefer these to a 160 franc skirt.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Photo day

Of course. It's that day. That Friday that either girls hate or they love, enduring every single day for a year for it to come again, complaining to their friends about how terrible they look when they're secretly thinking that they look amazing.

Photo day.

Is practising a perfect smile in front of your mirror really worth it? Since really every single day of my whole school life I have been preparing for that one day, just to have the photographer take the photo too soon to take a picture of you with your mouth half open and your eyes closed. Every year.

Well guess what? I think it went well.

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* 

Try to breathe!

Calm down! Look, here's a picture of a pretty flower...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Snowshoeing in Switzerland

This whole month I have been looking forward to one event: Snow shoeing in the Jura! I mean, how exciting? Being an Australian means we get hardly any snow, and the little snow we do get is truly and utterly, let's face it, pathetic.

Why shouldn't I be excited?

Anything to do with snow is cool!

Mont Blanc in Summer

We walked for maybe four hours straight.

It was great, and so tiring. When I came back to our apartment I think I ate all of the (smelly, repulsive) Swiss cheese that farted in our fridge, about three tons of pasta and chocolate; the three things that are in great abundance here.

All of my friends hated the snow shoeing excursion, so I pretended to groan and grumble about how my feet hurt, but I just wanted to yell (or yodel?), "I love this cute little country!" 

I know. Snow shoeing? Trust me, it's hard going up hills, and it gets really, extremely hot in thermal underwear and big fat ski jackets. 

I just realised that I made it sound not fun at all. Well, it's really nice, ok? 

My parents took me again the next day, as part of a "Geneva is great" activity that the local welcome centre provides, snow shoeing, with promises of fondue afterwards. 
I'm pretty sure Mum wanted to go simply for the melted cheese.

We got on the bus at precisely 12:45 (due to the Swiss being extremely organised, smart people) and then I discovered that my parents had taken me to the exact same place as where I went snow shoeing the day before... 

It was beautiful. We crunched our way past snowy hills and Christmas trees covered in icing sugar. So fun, so relaxing.

Fondue is really, really good stuff! Other Swiss food, not so much...

Friday, 27 January 2012


Who knows why things are the way they are?

I certainly don't.

At the moment everything is not going to plan. At all. For some reason, teachers will try and do everything possible to make things hard, like cruelly forcing you to perform a bloody gymnastics routine in front of giggling anorexic schoolgirls (like Gigi- my evil arch nemesis) who have been attending ballet lessons since they were five months old.


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stuff I like

Polka Dots
...And- I am fully aware of how creative this reason is- I'm not sure why... 

 Making up rude acronyms for people I dislike
For example, my science partner's is: FFBBFF. Meaning: *f word*
*bastard* *female dog-faced fatso. Not so lovely, I know, but it makes me smile. 

 Ice Age 2 
But only because of Sid! He cracks me up, and I'm sitting there looking like a complete idiot when no one else laughs.

Observing things 
 I am nosy. I admit it, but imagine the hours of fun you can have!  

 When classmates ask you to spell out a word for the

It makes me feel so special. "Aha! I have been chosen, selected out of a large group, for spelling assistance! I must be a noticable genius!" 
When teachers almost swear
 Ah, that really is a joyful moment, when they almost swear, but then teachers realise they must set a good example. My favourite so far, said by my Science teacher, is: "Well, since we have been doing some serious studying this term on variables and values and all that cr... Correct Learning, you gave no homework this week." Fail. 

 Raising Hope 

I don't think it's popular in the UK, so I can't watch it on the TV service we have here in Switzerland. I rely on, and truly miss it! What a great show. 

Experimenting with crochet

It never ends well, and I waste wool, but before hand I always manage to convince myself that I need a pair of dodgy-looking fingerless gloves.

Drawing patterns 

 ...On everything. I'm notorious for ripping holes in my notebooks due to over the top patterns on them and overuse of kilometrico pens. 

Pretending that I'm rich on
Yep. I don't "favourite" things less than 200 francs!

Lying to clueless Swiss about what Australia is like

I recently told FFBBFF that I regularly find snakes in my room.
"It's no big deal. You just grab 'em by the tail, swing them around and them whack 'em against something."
He was very shocked and told everyone.
I've never seen a snake in my life!